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How To Deactivate Predictive Dialers

Stop Telemarketing Calls

Telemarketing companies make their calls with a machine called a predictive dialer. Predictive dialers use a computer database to keep from wasting time calling disconnected numbers. Disconnected numbers always answer with a SIT tone followed by a recording explaining why the number is not available. When the Predictive Dialer hears the SIT tone it hangs up immediately (it doesn't wait for the recording to play) and flags that number in the software as a disconnected number and will stop calling the number.

There are hardware devices on the market that will intercept these calls. Our technical staff will explain you how to do it for free with your existing hardware.

The SIT tone is the key to stopping the unwanted calls. Basically it is a combination of audio tones that the computer hears and tells it that the number it just called is out of service. By recording the SIT tone to your message machine it fakes the computer into thinking your number is disconnected. The calling computer system now flags your number and stops calling.


1- Put your answering machine microphone in front of your PC speakers.
2- Press the button that starts recording your outgoing message.
3- Click on the SIT tone file below and play the tone followed by your message.

If you want to add your message do it after the SIT tone. Make sure you leave a one or two seconds before the tone and a pause before your message so there is no interference. Now when a computer dialing system calls your answering machine it will hear the tone first and not even wait for the message to play. It will then hang up and flag your number as a disconnected number eliminating all future calls.

Note: Right click on the SIT tone to save the file to your computer then you can edit the SIT file in an audio editor adding your voice message to it. Record many different messages that you can change anytime by playing them from your computer with or with out the SIT tone.

Sample message -> Telephone rings -> Answering machine connects -> Sit tone plays -> Your message plays "Attention phone solicitors the party you are calling does not accept phone solicitations and unidentified calls, Please add this parties phone number to your do not call list. All others may leave a message after the tone."

You will know if it is a telemarketer if the phone disconnects right after the tone and before the message plays


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