How to change your home page

Tired of the MSN Web site every time you start the Internet. The MSN page opens because it was put there by Microsoft when you loaded Explorer. So we created a page that links to all the main Web sites on the Internet. You will still be able to go to MSN with one click. Many people don't realize you can change the home page. We will show you how to do it so one click will get you to Google, Yahoo, MSN, Internet TV, Internet Radio, the Stock market, UPS, FED EX tracking, Broadcast and Cable, Multichannel, Maps, Phone numbers, Yellow pages, plus many more of the most popular links. We search the Internet and post new links all the time so you don't have to use your bookmarks. Makes it a lot easier. You will always be up to date with the latest and greatest Web sites. Here's how to set your home page:

Highlight and then right click to copy this link below.

Click on Tools at the top of your browser window.

Click on Internet Options

Click on General

Erase the link in the Home Page address box then right click and paste the link you copied

Click OK

Your done.

The next time you open your browser you will have all the additional links we listed every time you go online.

The MSN link is at the top left of the page so you can still go there with one click.

( NOTE: You can change it back to MSN home page by clicking on Use Default )

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